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Sponsors & Donations

Santa Cruz County Arc and Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc. owes much to the Nogales & Rio Rico Communities. Thank you to our sponsors and donors, the donations help us provide quality services to people with disabilities.

Those providing work opportunities for the people we serve are:

  • The City of Nogales
  • UniSource
  • Santa Fe Ranch
  • Many private businesses & the citizens of Santa Cruz County

Without this broad based support, Santa Cruz Training Programs would not be able to continue. They are undeniably helping us provide quality services to people with developmental disabilities in our community.

How can you help by being a sponsor or donating?

By becoming sponsors or donors, the donations in effect provide opportunities for children and adults with special needs. Providing for them has been the mission of Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc., as well as our affiliate The SCC Arc for 51 years.

Above all we have strived to create an environment to stimulate growth and independence. For the purpose of knowing us better our mission, vision and goals are here for your information.

With this in mind you can help us to continue providing quality programs by donating what you are able. If you’d like to call us, you can reach us at 520-287-2043. When you submit information in the form below, we’ll contact you soon. Thank you!