programs for children and adults with disabilities

Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc. provides educational programs for children and adults with disabilities. We encourage them to join in and contribute to their community. Key efforts of our agency are providing training for members and guidance to families. As a result, we are teaching them how to use community services and providing relief and support in their homes.

SCTP serves over 80 people, ages birth to elderly, in a variety of services provided throughout the Santa Cruz County area. With this in mind, most people with developmental disabilities do not need to leave their local community.

Our programs for children and adults with disabilities provide meaningful and challenging training, therapy and recreation. Whenever possible we want our members to be able to find gainful employment in the community.

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Work Training Programs

First of all, we have a work training program with three parts.

Our restaurant La Castellana Cafe serves the community breakfast, lunch, and pastries. We have two industrial kitchens for baking and cooking. Our members practice their cooking, serving, and salesmanship.

In addition to our kitchen, we have a greenhouse called Nayo’s Nursery. Our members train to care for plants and all the work involved in growing, weeding, and planting.

Last but not least for work training, we have a landscape and groundskeeping service. There our members learn how to prune, dig, rake, sweep and water plants.

Training & Recreation

Our second program is our Day Treatment and Training for Adults (DTTA), which is for practicing social skills, behaviors, and communication for adults with disabilities

Home Support & Retirement

The third program we have is Home Support. We provide a variety of interventions to support our members in their homes. This means we train and supervise our members to be self-sufficient, to be social, and to use tools to help them adapt to their environment.

Our fourth program is a Retirement Service. This is a 24-hour per day service that provides a safe and healthy living home to meet the physical needs of our members.


The Agency provides transportation to all its members. In case of need, we have vehicles available that have lifts.