Landscaping & Groundskeeping

Landscaping & Groundskeeping

by appointment

70 E. La castellana dr
Nogales, AZ

(520) 287-5421
Ext. 19 & 25

People with disabilities can work to earn money and be an important part of our economy. SCTP provides training for employment opportunities and has several work crews doing landscaping and groundskeeping.

Work is important to all of us; it is how we support our families and reach our goals. Because of this, over the years our members have desired to serve the community.

For instance, a few locations where we have worked include: City of Nogales (city alleys/pumping station yards), the Masonic Lodge, in Nogales, AZ, and Patagonia, private businesses and homes, in Rio Rico, Santa Fe Ranch (Las Lagunas and Ranch property) and the Unisource yard among others.

When trainees are ready, we provide job coaching support to help them. They are able to work for private businesses or homes within the community.

To see our other work training programs, you can visit this link to see an overview.

Whenever you need to make an appointment with us, you can fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with available dates. Please be flexible with our times and availability, as we work in the mornings Monday through Friday.

If you prefer, you can call us at (520) 287-5421, ext. 19 and 25.

Thank you for choosing our landscaping and groundskeeping service for your business or home upkeep!

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