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La Castellana Cafe’s Bakery

8am to 2:30Pm

71 E. La Castellana Dr.
Nogales, AZ

(520) 287-5421
ext. 21

SCTP has two industrial kitchens connected to our cafe where our delicious pastries and meals are prepared. Our members are taught and trained to cook, prepare, and serve all of our food. Members also practice real life marketing skills by selling our baked goods and meals to local businesses and private homes as part of their job training.

You can enjoy our outdoor patio or sit inside our sweet decorated cafe. As much as we enjoy your visits, we know it can be hard to get away. With this in mind we updated our website to help you make requests online. However, we’ll still call you to confirm information, payment, delivery or pick-up

Likewise to order meals from La Castellana Cafe’s Kitchen, you can visit this link. Because each industrial kitchen is operated by a different team, each has their own page and contact number.

La Castellana Cafe’s Bakery – Cookies & Pastries

Pecan Cookies aka Wedding Cookies

Pecan Cookies

Also known as wedding cookies

$.45 each

Our pecan cookies, or Mexican wedding cookies, are light and delicately covered in powdered sugar. We sell them individually or in a box of 20.

Boxed Pecan Cookies

Box of 20


Orange Cookies shaped like flowers

Orange Cookies

Contains orange extract

$.45 each

Our large orange cookies are crispy and cut to look like flowers, they are baked with orange extract and zest. We sell them individually or in a box of 12.

Boxed Pecan Cookies

Box of 12


Caramel filled cookies

Caramel Cookies

Filled with cajeta, a goat milk caramel

$.75 each

Our large caramel, or cajeta, cookies are baked soft and golden with a goat milk caramel filling. We sell them individually or in a box of 9.

Boxed Caramel Cookies

Box of 9


Turnovers, apple, pumpkin or pineapple flavors

Turnover Pastries

Pineapple, apple, or pumpkin fillings

$.85 each

Our large turnovers, or empanadas, are baked a golden flaky crust and then stuffed with fresh fillings. We have three fillings to choose from: pineapple, apple, or pumpkin.  We sell them individually or in a box of 10.

Box of Turnover Pastries

Box of 10, your choice of same or mixed fillings


Big Platter

Assortment of pecan, orange, and caramel cookies, and turnovers


Medium Platter

Assortment of pecan, orange, and caramel cookies, and turnovers


Choco Flan Platter

Two layered cake, chocolate and flan sprinkled with nuts
Must be ordered in advance



Flan Platter

A Mexican custard

$20.00 Small / $22.00 Large

Boxed Coricos Cookies

Box of 30 (Must be ordered in advance)


Birthday Cakes

Must be ordered in advance

(price varies)

Slice of Flan

A Mexican custard


Ice Cream

Scoop of Vanilla


Mix of cookies and empanadas, or turnovers, displayed on a platter as a party tray with clear wrap and pretty ribbon

Call us to order a box, cakes, platters or for catering!

Our number is (520) 287-5421, ext. 21

Thank you for choosing La Castellana Cafe’s Bakery!