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La Castellana: Cafe & Bakery


71 E. La Castellana dr
Nogales, AZ

(520) 287-2043
Ext. 22 or 23

SCTP, Inc. has two industrial kitchens connected to our cafe where our delicious pastries and lunch items are prepared. There our members are taught and trained to cook, prepare and serve all of our food. In addition, members also practice their real life marketing skills! They travel around town selling our baked goods and meals to local businesses and private homes as part of their job training.

At our kitchen, we have a daily special on top of our regular menu. We repeat the specials each month, so you only need one copy for the year.

Our regular menu

Just a couple of quick notes, all lunch dishes are served with a side of beans. If you want a low carb meal, our burritos can be served with or without the tortilla, too. And we also have a variety of drinks you can order to go along with your meal, including gourmet coffee.

Not only do we have meals, you can visit this link to see our Bakery for our delicious pastries. Each industrial kitchen is operated by a different team, so each has their own page and contact number.

La Castellana Cafe’s Kitchen – Breakfast


Chile Relleno
(Stuffed with scrambled egg &
cheese or Cheese only)



Eggs with Ham
Eggs with Potatoes
Chorizo with Potatoes
Chorizo with Eggs



Shredded Beef with Red Chili
Shredded Beef with Potatoes

$5.75 /Each


Bean Burrito



A serving


Chilaquiles Santa Cruz

Pieces of fried tortilla scrambled with egg in red sauce


Side of beans


tacos dorados

Tacos Dorados

Three (3), shredded meat




Two shredded meat (2), with rice




Two (2)



Three (3) bean


tortilla soup

Tortilla Soup

16 oz.


Grilled Chicken Salad



Regular or decaf


Iced tea

Iced tea



Soda or Hot Tea


Special of the Day

See menu, please order before 10 am



Last Friday of the month, order before 10am


La Castellana Cafe’s Kitchen – Daily Lunch

Quesadilla Especial



Call us for lunches, platters, or catering!

Our number is (520) 287-5421, ext. 22 or 23

If one extension is busy, please try the other one. Sometimes we get busy, but we want to hear from you!