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How to donate

Members enjoying each other's company


Paypal. We receive 100% of your donations from PayPal Giving Fund. We like this because you can share the link. You can also start a fundraiser from the PayPal Giving Fund page.

Other ways to give financially

Our donors tell us about their way of donating. If you have another way, let us know so we can list it here. Email the communications coordinator at sctpcomm (at) sctpinc (dot) com.

  1. Automatic withdrawals. Set up an automatic withdrawal through your company.
  2. Benevity. Benevity profile for Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc. Many companies connect to charities through Benevity.
  3. Checks. We do accept checks. People tend to write for the holidays or before tax season is over. However, we will add you to our thank you list any day of the year! The mailing address is:
    • Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc. PO Box 638 Nogales, Az 85628
  4. Donor-Advised funds. DAF Direct link for Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Fund is an example of a donor-advised fund. The fund will offer grants at the request of their investors.
  5. Social media. We know of the birthday fundraisers on Facebook. We really do appreciate that you think of us on your special day. However, we ask that you share the PayPal link instead of using Facebook’s menu thing. If you forget, we might see your donation in a few months. If this happens in winter we might not get your name on the holiday card list on time. To save time with Facebook, copy and paste the PayPal link below into your Facebook post. Tag us or @ us with #sctpnogales so we can see you and celebrate you! Then once you post it, people can click the link and visit our PayPal page. That way we’ll get you on the thank you list so much faster.
  6. Share the PayPal link.
  7. Support our employment program. Visit the Cafe. Order delivery. Think of us for catering and events. Order platters and birthday cakes. Remember us during the holiday season, we make tamales! Hire the groundskeeping crew. Shop at the plant nursery. Give us a call at 520-287-2043.
  8. Tax credit donations. For Arizona, the information for which organizations qualify to receive tax credits is on this page. The forms for the Arizona tax credits are linked here. Both links will take you to the Arizona Department of Revenue. If you have questions, we suggest talking with your tax preparer.
  9. Trusts. You could name us as a beneficiary in wills and trusts. We named one of our Group Homes after someone who graced us with her home.
  10. Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc. PO Box 638 Nogales, Az 85628

Other helpful things to donate

We appreciate other kinds of donations. People like to bring in things. Sometimes those things are technology, food, or furniture.

Simply call the office: 520-287-2043.


Volunteering is a kindness we appreciate, too. We have different projects going on and could use your help.

Some volunteering needs training. Your training depends on what level of interaction you have with our members. If you’re around them without a supervisor, you will need to learn about the rights of people with disabilities and become certified in CPR. If you’re driving we have specialized driving training with our vehicles that have lifts and straps for wheelchairs (not CDL). If your help requires staff to be on hand, then you have less training to do. You could be a teacher, like yoga, chess, art, or anything else you want to share. You could help in the office with thank you cards and grants. We have a plant nursery that always needs care, too.

  1. You will need your fingerprint clearance card.
  2. You will have to pass a background check.
  3. Possible training required. Total hours for training could be 16-24 hours spread out over a few days during the first few months: CPR, Article IX (rights of people with disabilities), PASS (Passenger, Assistance, Safety, and Sensitivity) training for drivers, and anything required by the state.

Information for searching about us

Legal business name: Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc.

EIN: 86-0424088

GuideStar: GuideStar profile