Training Programs

We provide training programs for employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We train for cooking, serving and sale of food, and for groundskeeping and plant nursery skills.

People with disabilities can also work to earn money and be an important part of our economy.

Work is important to all of us; it is how we support our families and reach our goals.

Groundskeeping training

Landscaping & Groundskeeping

Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc. provides training for employment opportunities and has several work crews doing grounds keeping for the City of Nogales’ city alleys and pumping station yards, the Unisource yard, Santa Fe Ranch’s properties at the Ranch and Las Lagunas, and private businesses and homes.

Baking goodies

La Castellana Cafe

SCTP has two industrial kitchens connected to our cafe where our delicious pastries and lunch items are prepared. Our members are taught and trained to cook, prepare and serve all of our food. Members also practice their real life marketing skills by selling our baked goods and meals to local business and private homes as part of their job training.

Be our guest and come visit our restaurant “La Castellana Cafe”. It is open 8:00am-2:30pm at 71 E. La Castellana. We offer coffee and teas to go along with our delicious meals and pastries.


Nursery & Greenhouse

Nayo’s Plant Nursery is now open to the public. Our members are training to care for a variety of plants and make them available at the Nogales Market every Friday.

When trainees are ready, we provide job coaching support to help them work for private businesses or homes within the community.