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Mission, Vision, & Goals

Anna Maria Coppola was the founder and gave us our mission to provide for children and adults with disabilities.

Mission Statement

The mission of Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc. (SCTP) is to provide the necessary training, care, and support for people with disabilities, by working in partnership with others in our community.

Our vision is pictured here by a fun barn dance and fundraiser held in honor of our members.


All individuals with disabilities are valued members of the community where, based on their own choices and abilities may actively participate.

Goals for our members

  • Develop a vision of their future
  • Participate in and contribute to community life
  • Make increasingly responsible choices
  • Exert greater control over their personal future
  • Establish and maintain relationships with family and friends
  • Develop and exercise their unique gifts and talents
  • Experience personal security, self-respect, acceptance and a sense of belonging