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Sponsors and donations

Thank you to our sponsors, donors, and the community for the many donations we receive. By becoming sponsors or donors, you help children and adults with special needs. Your support is monumental. Thank you for your kindness. Your financial assistance is much needed. Thank you for being a big help when times are hard. Without you, our projects would remain dreams instead of reality.

The Santa Cruz County Arc and Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc. owe much to the Nogales & Rio Rico Communities. We are grateful for the support coming from our county and beyond. We hope our pictures and social media show our thanks and the impact of your charity.

Supporting employment

A big thanks to the below for calling us. They keep our groundskeeping crew busy.

  • The City of Nogales
  • UniSource
  • Santa Fe Ranch
  • Many private businesses & the citizens of Santa Cruz County

Gifts and donations for wellbeing, safety, and support of care services

Thank you for your financial assistance. We can afford to buy what we need. We can replace old things. Some things are invisible, like the internet or security cameras, but they improve everything. They improve our services and help us create a safer place.

Giving and support for the future

Your support as sponsors and in donations helps us create a place where our members know their rights, are independent, and can keep growing as well rounded people. 

We have been here over 50 years. Your help will continue this mission into the future.

If you’d like to follow us social media, you can find us on Facebook or search #sctpnogales.

Feel free to call us at 520-287-2043.

Looking for more about us?

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