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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Are you a non-profit?

A: Yes, thank you for asking. If you’re looking for us in your funding research, look for Santa Cruz Training Programs, Inc., EIN 86-0424088.

Q: Do you take donations?

A: Yes, and they are tax deductible, if you follow your tax preparers directions. Give us a call if you have more questions about us: 520-287-2043. If you’re more of an email person, email sctpres (at) sctpinc (dot) com.

Q: Tax forms?

A: This link goes to the AZ Credits for Contributions to Qualifying Charities. Look for Form 321.

If you are outside of Arizona, and need a receipt/letter of acknowledgment, please call the office. 520-287-2043.

Q: How can I donate online?

A: We have a PayPal Giving Fund account. We receive 100% of your donations through that link.

Other ways people have donated is through their own giving platforms, like Fidelity Charitable Fund, Benevity, and Facebook. Check out our donation page to see those links. Our turnaround time to send you an acknowledgment of gratitude does depend on the platform, we might not know about some donations for up to 10-45 days according to their rules and guidelines. Some platforms have threshold limits before they will process donations, which if are not met based on their rules, the donation could be in a holding pattern and we wouldn’t know about it. This happens because we choose not give our bank account information to multiple 3rd parties. We update Guidestar/Candid with our information, which seems to be where most 3rd parties are getting their information from, plus they may use the IRS database.

Locations and Details

Q: Where are you?

A1: The office is at 91 E La Castellana Dr, Nogales, Az, 85621. 520-287-2043.

Q: Where is the Cafe?

A: La Castellana Cafe is at 71 E La Castellana Dr., Nogales, Az 520-287-2043

Q: What is Nayo’s Nursery? Is that a daycare?

A: Nayo’s Nursery is a plant nursery next to a greenhouse, growing little baby saplings, seedlings, rose vine-lings, and desert plant-lings. It is named after the founder’s son, Leonardo, who worked at GSE and is enjoying retirement at the Day Treatment and Training for Adults (DTTA) program, painting, traveling, eating out, and doing Tai Chi with a volunteer teacher.

Q: Where is the groundskeeping business?

A: The crew who help with the Nursery, some also help with the groundskeeping contracts. It’s best to call the office to redirect you to the right person. 520-287-2043

Q: Where do I park?

A: We acknowledge the tight area. Park anywhere that is legal and considerate of others. Be creative with car pooling? If you’re planning a big party, just let us know in advance, we’ll create more space nearby. How? We’re creative, too. 🙂

Q: I heard there’s food?

A: Yes! We have La Castellana Cafe for you. Here’s the breakfast, lunch, and dessert menu. We are open 8am-2:30pm. 71 E La Castellana Dr., Nogales, Az. 520-287-2043 Ext 22 or 23

Q: I love your food, do you cater?

A: Yes, we do! Call us 520-287-2043 Ext. 22 or 23

If the line is busy, try the other one. You can pick from the menu or talk with Malena.

People like the bakery platters for occasions, appreciation gifts, and goodies to tide them over the weekend.


Q: I have a family member who would like to participate in the programs. How do we start?

A: Well, the FAQ section is probably not that helpful yet. It’s best to call the office for assistance: 520-287-2043

Playing with the baby goats at 4A's Ranch
A member playing with the baby goats at 4A’s Ranch with our DTTA program.
Bundled up for the rare snow day at one of the Group Homes.
Bundled up and ready to play for the rare snow day at one of the Group Homes.
A member cleaning up at the Cafe after a fun day serving customers.
A member cleaning up at the Cafe after a fun day serving customers.